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About Us

Rickey Musgrove, founder of Divine Connections Ministry, is a voice calling the Lord's servants to be one in Covenant and Kingdom. 

Rickey launched Divine Connections Ministry to help unify ministers and ministries by networking efforts in cities and nations

around the world as the Lord directs.


The Lord’s strategic networks will work, as one, to fulfill His Kingdom purpose. He is weaving a web of His Glory,

as it were a net, which shall cover the earth and be a witness of His Kingdom to all nations.  


Over the years The Lord has been speaking pieces of His Kingdom purpose to His servants.       

In this season those pieces are coming together to reveal Heaven’s strategies for taking cities, regions and nations. 

God is raising up His Holy Nation, the Body of Christ, a "people for His Name," to be a witness to all nations in this hour.


There shall be no unmet need in the Body of Christ anywhere in the world!

The supply for every person, in every family, in every ministry, in every network, is in the network. 

I thank God for your part and I thank you for being at your post!


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