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Strategic Prayer Network


Why We Must Pray


The longer I walk with the Lord the more I am convinced the highest ministry is intercession.

Jesus made intercession on the cross for transgressors; that would be the human race, all of us.   (Isa 53:12)

Now that He is Alive He lives to make intercession for the Church - His Body!  (Heb 7:24-25)


Not all intercession is prayer but there is a prayer of intercession.


Intercession means to strike with a sharp collision, have an effect upon; make an impression by importunity, that is,

by request, to press; insist on with urgent, frequent, unceasing application.


The first part of our redemption is the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our spirits.  He has shown us that He is going

to glorify our bodies the same way He has already glorified our Spirits.  We see it with the eyes of our understanding

and we have hope for it.  We expect it and conside it certain but yet not any of us have seen what that looks

like except for the Apostles of the Lamb at His Resurrection.  But all of us are certain we are going to get one at

Christ's return when our adoption to God as His Sons will be complete.  So with patience we wait for it.


So the Holy Spirit shows us things to come.  The Father put His Spirit in us to show us what Heaven is doing,

as it pertains to us.  He shows us what God, the Father has purpose Heaven will do.

The Father put His Holy Spirit to do and He helps us

pray it out and walk it out in our lives.


God, The Father, The Lord sits upon His Throne making intercession for us and He puts the Holy Spirit


We have moved into a new season. We have the honor to carry and release God given destinies for cities, regions

and nations. We want to connect with leaders and intercessors who will carry the burden of the Lord in prayer, release the

heart of the Lord in decrees and help us to bring Heaven’s Kingdom blueprint into established form in the earth realm.






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