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  • Rickey Musgrove

Man’s Greatest Need

God is Love! Love is a flow of Divine Life!

The Father’s Life flows to Christ, from Christ to His Body, from each of us to one another,

and compels us towards all mankind. Everyone that gets into His flow is made alive with

the Life of God!

People complicate God. He is trying to Love us. God created us for Himself; we are the

objects of His Love. Man sinned and turned from God but God sent Christ into the world to

restore us back to Him. This is love, God didn’t do this because we loved Him but because

He loves us.

Man cannot understand God with his mind. The only thing a man understands is what he

knows and the only thing he knows is what he is. God's Love passes understanding. We must

experience Him. He spreads His love abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.

The Father’s Love is our greatest need. It is not our only need, but it is our greatest need and it

is His Love that maintains our sonship to Him. The more we know Him the more He reveals how

much He loves us. He wants to put His hands on every area of our lives. When He puts His Hand

on something it prospers.

Our Heavenly Father is the only totally unselfish being there is. When He reveals His Love in

us, we turn our focus from ourselves to Him. We love Him because He loves us first. When the

flow of His Love is completed in us we turn our focus to others. Love teaches us to be unselfish.

We live unto Him and His love compels us to others. We no longer know others after our flesh but

after His Love towards them.


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