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  • Acts 15:14-18

A People For His Name

God sent Christ into the world to take out of the world, “a people for His name.”

The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ has “a people.” This implies the magnitude of all that

God has worked for and bestowed upon all who call upon the Name of Jesus.

Christ and His disciples are called to a marriage that is founded by, based upon, and

sustained by the love of The Father. This marriage is ratified by covenant in Jesus’ Name.

In Christ God promised to make all things new. When we become married to Christ

we take His Name. His Name is upon us. This means we have right of use to His Name and

we have access by faith to all that God has worked for us and promised to us in Jesus’ Name.

We are a people for His Name. We must think corporately as “a people.” We must interact to

one another in Jesus’ Name. Everything we do we should do in Jesus Name and to the praise

and glory of God. Let us not do anything that will bring a reproach to Jesus’ Name and give an

occasion to the enemy to blaspheme His Great Name.

[Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with being liked by everyone. Jesus had many who hated Him without

a cause and many were His enemies wrongfully. This has everything to do with doing what is right in the

sight of God, Who is the Judge of all. Every man will give account to God for himself alone.]


List things that we do in Jesus’ Name to bring glory and praise to God by Him.

List things that we do that brings reproach to His Name and gives satan occasion to blaspheme.

Repent for the body of Christ, of the sins we do as “His people,” that are against His Name!

Commit, to offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, which is the fruit of our lips giving

Thanks to the Father for all things He has worked for us, bestowed upon us, and fulfills

in our lives in the Great Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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