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  • Ricky Musgrove

Did You Read the Sign?

The Lord Jesus is manifesting Himself to this generation showing that He is the

Living God. He is working signs and He is speaking to nations and cities. Many

will not understand but it is given unto the Body of Christ to hear, understand, and

to speak what the Lord is saying and working.

There are many applications to this word, but I want to point out a sign that I see.

The nation and the world for that matter, saw it but may not know what they were

seeing. They thought they were watching the Super Bowl L1 football game. And

yes, they were but I believe it was much more. The win of Super Bowl L1 is a sign

to the patriots of the USA.

When the Patriots played their first game I loved their name, logo, and uniforms. But

they did not win their first Super Bowl until Feb of 2002, just a few months after the

terrorist attack on the WTC on Sept. 11, 2001. I was quickened at that time, that their first Super Bowl win was a sign that the patriots of the USA will rally and return to her covenant with God and to her Divine destiny.

I don’t know if you made note of this but in September 2001, world leaders came to

ground zero and declared, things will be viewed differently from this day forward. I

made a note of it. In fact, many world leaders labeled it, “The Day the World Changed.”

If the world views things differently since 09 11 2001, much more must the Body of Christ. We must view nations the way God sees them. We must know God’s mandate and destiny for the nations of this world. And we must know the Hope of His Heavenly Calling upon Christ, His King, and the Body of Christ, His Holy Nation. (Heb 1:2, Ro 8:17, Ps 2:6-8)

Nevertheless, The Patriots first Super Bowl win in Feb 2002, three months after Sep 11,

2001 was a sign from God that the USA patriots will return to her covenant with Him and

Fulfill His destiny for her.

The Patriots seemed to have built a dynasty after that first Super Bowl win, winning again in 2004 and in 2005. Unfortunately, the USA turned further away from her Covenant with God and from His destiny for her, especially during the eight years of Obama’s presidency.

In Super Bowl L1, on Feb 2017, just 16 days after Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the US, the New England Patriots, came from behind, in a way never done before, to win Super Bowl L1 and set a new world record.

After all we lost during the years the nation was turned from God, this win is a sign that the USA patriots are coming from behind, to fulfill her God given destiny in this hour, before Christ returns.

God is a Covenant keeping God. In the beginning of what we call today, the USA,

God made Covenant with our fathers who came from other nations of the world.

In April 1607 our forefathers landed at Cape Henry in Virginia. They planted a

cross and dedicated this land for the purpose of God. The interior department has a

marker at that site that reads, "Act 1, Scene 1, of the unfolding drama that became

the United States."

What is going on in the USA today is not a political move; it is Heaven moving

because of the hour we are walking in. It is God’s plan that shall come to pass.

It is His purpose that shall stand.

To add to the sign of the Patriots Super Bowl L1 win, it is their fifth win. Five is

the number of Grace! Most people do not understand God's grace. Grace is not

His tolerance and longsuffering with man's disobedience and sin. Grace is His

power to return us to our God given destiny to fulfill His will.

Can you read the sign? United States of America, I call you to return to your God

given purpose and destiny.

PS. My son and grandson are Dallas Cowboy fans that are adamantly opposed to the

Eagles. They assured me the Patriots would beat the Eagles in the 2018 Superbowl. I was

so convinced the Lord showed me the previous year’s victory over the Falcons was a sign,

that I assured them that the Eagles would win because God had already spoken to the nation through the New England Patriots. The Eagles won.

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