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  • Ricky Musgrove

A Christmas Message

Christmas Greetings and Praise

This Christmas season I want to give you a Christmas message from the Lord. It

Came by a visitation of His Glory at our Church one Christmas service on Roosevelt St .

You may even have been in that service . But I want to put you in remembrance of it.

The children's choir was singing Christmas carols . I was setting upon the platform, behind

the children and facing the audience. As they were singing, “Away in a Manger,” the Lord

spoke to me saying, “I do not see the way man sees. You are singing about a cutesy baby lying in a manger and I am looking at the savior of the world.”

I had to fight to keep from losing it, I was shaken. I covered my face so people would not

see my struggling and think that something was wrong with me. By the time I regained my composure the children were singing, “Silent Night.” When they sang the ending line that said, “sleeeep in heavenly peace,” the Lord spoke to me again.

This time he said, “You are singing about a mother and her child, safe within the walls of their home, and you are calling that heavenly peace. But I am looking at winos, drug addicts, alcoholics, pimps and prostitutes on the streets, and men and women

in prison whose hearts are full of hate, bitterness, and violence, who have no idea what heavenly peace is about.”

At those words I lost it. I fell out of my chair, flat on my face on the platform, crying loudly and profusely. I am talking snot slinging crying. Without me saying a word, suddenly that same

presence of God fell on everybody in the room. That room could only hold 125 people, but it was full that morning and everyone in the room was snot slinging weeping and crying.

When the Presence of God lifted people began to get up and give testimony. One man

who had just begun to come, got up and repented for leaving his last church out of strife and

repented for all the criticism he had spoken to them and about them. Others began to repent and testify what the Lord had shown them as they were crying.

Nobody had said a Word. It was a sovereign manifestation of His Glory. No one is deceived or confused in the Living Presence of Light and Truth.

You never forget a meeting like that, and he doesn’t intend for us to forget. This meeting was a Sign to us of what He is bringing to His Church, in an increased measure, in this hour we are in. He desires us to pray, seek, and expect more manifestations of His Glory in our midst.

Scriptures tell us, Mercy and Truth go before His Face.

In 1995 the Lord spoke to me out of His Glory. One thing He said is that He is bringing

His Glory to our assemblies. He is going to walk in our midst, Shining His Light of Truth

and Right into our hearts. He is allowing us to see what we do, the way He sees it. He

is revealing Truth, and in His mercy, He is granting repentance to all who will receive it.

As He spoke this Word to me, I thought, because I could not speak, or move, “O Lord,

heal, and work miracles,’ as I began to think specific Covenant Promises. He stopped

me saying, "No, people are going to be saying, 'Lord, come to me. Whatever is on Your

mind do. Whatever, is in Your heart do. Have Your way in me."

With His saying that I realized what He does is according to what is in our hearts. Some

will be healed. Some will receive miracles. Some will be scared and to these we must assure, ‘do not fear. Receive forgiveness of sins and repentance in the Name of Jesus.

This is an hour of Light revealing. Pray. Seek His Face. Open every door of your Heart

to Him and ask Him to come Shine His Light into your heart. Dedicate and commit to

obey whatever He shows you.


I pray this word and send it to bless you. Prepare! Prepare the way of the Lord!

May the Lord minister this word to you in this Christmas season and may you go

forward in great expectation.

I pray the Lord of the Harvest opens doors of utterance for you to speak to men the

gospel of peace by Jesus Christ.



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