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  • Ricky Musgrove

Christ Jesus - Covenant Keeper

Today, Sept 25, 2023, I have been 76 for a whole day. I was praying about some things

the Lord has assigned Me to do and I was reminding Him that I was getting older. (Not

the right way to think when you walk with God) The Lord responded, “Yes but your Inheritance is not.”

God begat His Children unto an Inheritance in Christ Jesus, that is – “incorruptible,

undefiled, and does not fade away.” To fade away means to get old, dim and weak.

That does not happen because Christ is Alive. He is Eternal! His Word never changes.

He is the Keeper of God’s Covenant with us and He keeps us by the Power of God.

(1Pet 1:4, 3-5)

Know that He is the Resurrection, and the Life, and the Truth. We know what He did

yesterday He still does today. But do we know or think that what He will do tomorrow, He

will do for us today. Do we believe what He says to us? If we do, we will see the Glory of God! (Jn 11:22-27, 39-40)

Let go of whatever is stopping you from being whole. Stop putting off until tomorrow,

What God has promised and Christ is here to do today. Believe! Receive! Thank Him

for His Love, His goodness and His faithfulness. Christ Jesus, our Covenant Friend, “is

upholding all things by the Word of His Power.” Heb 1:3

Believe, and tap into the Power of God for your life and for your race. Run your race.

Finish Your course. Finish strong, whole and satisfied, by the Glory of God and to the

Glory of God!



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