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  • Ricky Musgrove

“I Didn’t Die For You”

One day in prayer I heard the Lord say to me, “Son, I didn’t die for you.”

Startled, I asked how can that possibly be?

He replied, “Look in Romans Chapter Five and see who I died for.”

Ro 5:6-10 – When we were still without Strength, in the appointed time, Christ died

for the ungodly.

To be without Strength is to not have the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts.

To be ungodly is to have no God in us.

That is why Christ died for us when we were still sinners.

Sinners sin because it is their nature to sin. One’s nature is the forces or sum total of the

inner forces of a being. It is the essence of a being and it is what makes him what he is.

Sinners sin because it is their nature to sin.

Before I was born again I loved to sin. I never wondered why I did what I did. I enjoyed

It. When I accepted Christ into my heart, sin ceased to be fun. It really bummed me out.

Why? Because it is no longer my nature to sin. God’s Seed – the Spirit of His Son – came

into my heart bringing the desire to know my Heavenly Father in a personally intimate

relationship. He is growing me up to be conformed into the image of His Son.

The Lord proceeded to say to me, “I died for the man you use to be. I live for the man you are today. I died for the world, but I live for the Body of Christ. Everything I do, I do for My Church.”

Word of the Lord

“Son, it is not hard to live a Christian life. It is impossible. Why are you trying? It takes Me to live My Life. Stop thinking about dying. Think about living. Me Living in you and

you living unto Me.”

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